Fixed Thermographic Camera




DLSC-Y mobile online series is real-time temperature monitoring system integrating visible light(optional), infrared thermal imaging and embedded processing technology. The system can automatically inspect the running substation equipment, real-time monitoring, automatic warning, real-time access to the thermal information of the equipment fault status, and automatically generate a corresponding temperature changing report. With features such as uninterrupted power, long distance, safety and reliability, and high detection accuracy, it is one of the most effective means to realize on-line monitoring and equipment status maintenance.


◆ Front-end temperature measurement technology

◆ Full real-time image transfer without delay

◆ Illumination free, smoke and water penetration monitoring

◆ Fast and accurate temperature measurement with good uniformity

◆ Infrared image compression and network transfer

◆ World leading substation equipment intelligent identification system

◆ Automatic report generation function

◆ Fully compatible with IEC61850 protocol

◆ Easy system integration

Working Conditions

(1) Power supply: 220V AC;

(2) Max air temperature: 50°C;

(3) Min air temperature: -20°C;

(4) Max air relative humidity: 95%;

(5) Min air relative humidity: 10%;

(6) Applicable to the detection of on-site devices such as transmission lines, substations, and distribution switch rooms;

(7) good anti-Jamming ability;

(8) good waterproof capacity.

Functional description

(1) Easy to operation and carry, long duration, 220V power supply can work continuously for more than 24 hours;

(2) Wireless transfer module included, it can send temperature data to the cellphone automatically after setting up the instrument. If the temperature exceeds the preset threshold value, it will send alarm information to the mobile phone immediately;

(3) Automatic device identification management, automatic recognition of the heat map (automatic or manual) acquired by the system, and identify valid target through image registration to ensure the efficiency of temperature detection.

(4) With anti-false alarm recognition system, All temperature measurements are based on valid target recognition. According to the inspection strategy, measure only marked devices, and automatically eliminate disruptive heat source, effectively preventing false alarms.

(5) Detailed equipment working status management functions, Establish a management system for all equipment and components, during automatic cruising, perform temperature analysis and record of all equipment components within the scope of inspection of the infrared camera, specific to detailed equipment failure location.

(6) The imaging and storage of infrared maps is real-time and dynamic. Automatic tagging Dynamic alarm image, using data segmented storage format;

(7) The local measurement have real-time spot, area, and hot-spot real-time tracking of the heat map;

(8) Equipped with special analysis software, with function of temperature analysis and comparison of any point, line, area, generate temperature trend curve; and quickly retrieve key frames for any part in the trend curve.

(9) The key segment in the intercepted file can be re-recorded as another file; producing technical report template according to custom’s requirements, automatically generating Word reports, even in batches.

(10) The setting up of the machine on-site is simple and convenient, any single person can complete the precedure;

(11) Unibody design, shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference resistant.


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