Thermographic Camera KT-200

Thermal imaging camera




Regardless of whether you take photos or record videos, the latest cameras from the Sonel company are equipped with a modern matrix, a wide temperature measurement range and high-quality lenses guarantee a high level of detail of the recorded images, in addition to the precision of the measurements made. The cameras are available in several variants, allowing to choose the appropriate configuration for different user requirements.
More to see, less to hold
The large display and innovative data processing electronics have been housed in a compact housing, ensuring an ideal balance between high efficiency and small dimensions ideal for everyday work. In addition, thanks to the centrally located navigation button and the menu on the touch screen, the operation of this model is simple and intuitive.
Thermal vision isn’t everything.
The cameras are also equipped with visible image lenses and technologies related to these image “mixing”: PIP, MIF. The help of the integrated LED flashlight and the laser increases the quality of work, facilitating the taking of photographs and the subsequent interpretation of the collected material.
Photography is just the beginning.
The integrated report module allows you to create and print reports directly from the camera. Integrated communication interfaces ensure continuous connectivity between the camera and the computer or mobile device, also via a wireless network. Thanks to the latest technologies and solutions, the cameras guarantee full control and elasticity in different situations, they are an ideal tool for both beginner users and professional thermographers.
Camera Features
• high sensitivity of matrices and wide temperature range
• extended image analysis tools
• intuitive user interface
• video recording (IR) (on an SD card or computer disk)
• integrated reporting module
• various image modes: IR, visible, PIP, MIF
• Integrated camera for visible photos: 5 Mpix
• built-in: LED flashlight, laser pointer
• interfaces: Micro USB2.0, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini HDMI, microSD slot


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