Thermographic Camera KT-650

Thermal imaging camera




The Sonel KT series thermal imaging cameras are economical and offer high precision in temperature measurement. Designed and built robustly, they are ideal for:

Troubleshooting electrical installations, wiring, panels, motors, circuit breakers, transformers, switching equipment, and electrical equipment;
Thermal performance monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes
Identification of overheating of mechanical and electromechanical components
Building inspection for insulation leaks, energy audits, HVAC / R equipment, water damage, and pests
Location of hidden heat sources (from people, animals, objects) in dark or low light conditions.
User friendly operation
The comfortable design, light weight and intuitive handling make the Sonel thermal camera a pleasure to use. Experienced or novice users need a professional diagnostic tool, you will easily find the menus through the navigation on the touch screen. Both the touch screen and the lens rotate independently so you can see objects of interest from any angle that are difficult to access.

Main Features

Removable lithium-ion battery with 4 hours of operation;
Large 5 ”rotatable touchscreen without image clipping;
The high-brightness display provides detailed information whether indoors or outdoors;
Save IR images and videos (to SD card or directly to PC)
Built-in report module for complete in-chamber thermal analysis
Images can be viewed as: IR, visual, “picture in picture” and MIF mode (visual and IR combined)
Add voice and text notes, drawing graphic symbols (arrows or circles) on images
5MPx visual camera
GPS, digital compass, LED flashlight and laser pointer
Micro USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini USB and SD card slot
ThermoAnalyze2 PC Software


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