Grounding resistance meter MRU-10

Grounding resistance meter




MRU-10 is a simple meter that allows to carry out measurements by the technical method, as well as the measurement of the resistance of the ground by the bipolar method. The device is characterized by its ease of use, its high resistance to disturbances and its high precision.

MRU-10 is an easy-to-use meter intended for grounding resistance measurements. It is a basic device that allows you to check the quality of the grounding circuit from the result obtained from the measurement. Its ergonomic shape, its rugged and compact housing, as well as its large, legible display make this device an ideal solution for use in the field and in most work environments. The device stands out for the simplicity of its operation and its intuitive handling. It is the best choice for electrical installation contractors, technicians, and grounding measurement specialists.

Allows measurements of:

earthing resistances by the technical method (3p),
resistances by the bipolar method (2p),
disturbing voltages up to 100 V,
resistances of the auxiliary electrodes RH and RS.
What’s more:

indication of the status of batteries or accumulators,
automatic shut-off function,
choice of measurement voltage 25 V and 50 V,


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