Portable appliance tester PAT-86

Portable Appliance Tester




The extensive measurement system allows:

measurement of welding equipment parameters:
»Rated voltage of welding devices under no-load conditions,
»Leakage current of the welding circuit,
»Primary leakage current,
protective conductor resistance measurement,
residual stress measurement,
insulation resistance measurement at three points,
measurement of surrogate, differential and tactile leakage current,
functional test,
test of RCD and PRCD switches,
…and much more.
Intuitive user interface.
It works with a label printer and a QR code scanner.
Robust and compact housing.
Operating time with rechargeable battery power supply: up to 1 hour.

PAT-86 is used where safety is the most important. Ideal for situations where it is necessary to check welders, power tools, three-phase devices and appliances.

The PAT-86 was created to test welding equipment in compliance with EN 60974-4.

Thanks to the extensive measuring piece, PAT-86 allows a comprehensive verification of electrical devices. The touch screen and automatic procedure section allow for quick and efficient testing. The equipment can work with a label printer and a QR scanner, which
greatly facilitates tool record keeping. The following prints are available:
• initial measurement report,
• QR code, where the information about the tests carried out and the parameters of the device are saved.
This data can be read and added to the meter’s memory using the optional QR code scanner.
The whole image is complemented by a compact and durable casing. Which provides protection of the instrument during measurements and transportation.

Memory has a tree structure. For each tested device, it contains its description, measurement location, customer data, and registration number.

The meter provides many modes of transmission of measurement results:
via USB, LAN and WiFi. In addition, it is possible to load the results to a memory
PAT Analysis software allows data management and also the preparation of
reports in various versions, according to the user’s need. Additionally, it is
possible to use PAT Server solution. This system allows you to work on many
modes, including:

seamless data management,
upload online to server,
work through a web browser,
work in task order mode,
store copies of data on the server.


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