Insulation Resistance Meter MIC-5005

Medidor de resistencia de aislamiento




Insulation resistance measurement:
Test voltage any in the range from 50… 1000 V in 10 V steps and 1000 … 5000 V in 25 V steps,
Continuous indication of the measured insulation resistance or leakage current,
Automatic discharge of the capacitive voltage of the measurement object at the end of the Insulation resistance measurement,
Acoustic prompts at 5-second intervals to facilitate the use of the timer,
measurement of T1, T2 and T3 for test times for one or two Absorption Coefficients with a range of 1… 600 s,
Timer with adjustable measurement time up to 99’59 ”,
Polarization Index (PI) and dielectric absorption measurement (DAR),
indication of the actual test voltage during measurement,
Test current with 1.2 mA and 3 mA (Europe),
Measurement of Insulation Resistance with Ramp Voltage (step voltage SV),
Calculation of Dielectric Discharge (DD),
protection against measurement of live voltage objects,
measurements with test leads up to 20 m.
Function with digital filter for measurements in environments with high noise pollution (10s, 30s, 60s).
Leakage current measurement during insulation resistance test.
Capacitance measurement during RISO measurement.
Measurement at the beginning of the DC and / or AC voltage in the range of 0… 600V.
Internal memory with 990 banks (for 11880 records) capable of wireless data transmission to PC or via USB cable.
Auxiliary power supply from the 90 – 265V mains or 12V accumulator pack, low battery alarm and integrated fast charger.
Illumination only screen.
The instrument complies with the requirements of the EN 61557 standard.


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