Short circuit loop impedance meter MZC-310S

Short circuit loop impedance meter




Very small short-circuit loop impedance measurements
(with 0.1mΩ resolution) by current of 150A under 230V, maximum 280A under 440V, or measurements by current of 23A under 230V, maximum 42A under 440V:
measurements in nominal voltage networks: 220 / 380V and 230 / 400V of 45 … 65Hz frequencies,
allows measurement in short circuit: phase-phase, phase-protection, phase-neutral,
distinction of phase and phase-to-phase voltage when calculating short-circuit current,
allows you to change the length of the measurement leads (measurement 23 / 42A),
four-conductor method, no need to calibrate conductors (150 / 280A measurement).
Measurement of expected contact voltage or shock contact voltage (with 1kΩ resistor).
Measurement of alternating voltages 0 … 440V.
Memory of 990 results and option to send them to the PC.
Device meets the requirements of the PN-EN 61557 standard.


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