High voltage VLF and DC tester

High voltage VLF and DC tester



The compact, robust and portable cable test set high voltage VLF and DC testers is used for testing of medium voltage cables in accordance to the standards IEEE400, IEC 0502-2, CENELEC HD 620 & 621 and DIN VDE 0276/620 & 621. The test is carried out with a low strain practice with VLF (very low frequency) test voltage of preferably 0.1 Hz. VLF Test enables detection of damages of the insulation within shortest test time. The high voltage VLF and DC testers can test cables with extruded insulation (XLPE-, PE-, EPR-insulation) as well as cables with paper-oil insulation (PILC). Cable sheath testing with direct voltage is also possible.


Extremely compact high-power VLF test device
Easily portable for 1-2 people
Simple operation
Menu-assisted control with industrial grade OLED display
Fully automatic test sequence
Integrated timer 1-300 min with automatic tripping
Integrated breakdown detection
Integrated fault time detection
Voltage measurement direct at HV output
Protective ground circuit
Zero start interlocking
Protective circuit / indication in accord. with VDE 0104
Leakage current measurement during VLF test


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