Cable and Pipe Locator LKZ-2000

Cable and underground infrastructure locator




Quick location of cables and pipes with pointer precision. The best system in the toughest conditions

The LKZ-2000 is the newest model in the LKZ series, more powerful, easier to use. The complexity of extensive underground utility networks is increasing. It has never been more important to obtain precise information on the location of specific cables and buried pipes to protect assets during excavation work, supporting and lifting plans of this infrastructure.
The LKZ-2000 system has a unique and flexible mode of operation that helps you decide the correct mode for your locating applications and site conditions. The Smart Locator monitors interference signal levels in all available modes and recommends which one to use for best results. Saving you time and increasing the reliability of your results.

Sonel LKZ-2000 – the best system for the toughest conditions!

It is designed for easy tracking of power cables over short and long distances with pointer precision, especially in areas with high levels of electrical interference. When this is used with the multi-clamp a trace signal can be safely applied to a live wire.
The “A-frame” accessory can also be used to locate insulation faults (broken cables).

The highly durable LKZ system has flexible operation to suit most site and field conditions, which is essential in complex and demanding civil engineering and construction sites.

Damage to communication cables can be very costly and takes a long time to repair, causing further disruption to the rail network. The LKZ system is designed to locate and trace cables in congested areas with high levels of electrical interference.

Tracking and locating tangled cables, such as fiber cables, can be difficult to find. The LKZ system’s high-frequency modes are ideally suited for these types of cables, helping to improve your productivity and reliability by locating all types of cables. With the accessory “frame A” you can locate insulation faults (broken cables).

These can be the potentially most dangerous, expensive and sensitive pipes for the environment and therefore are the most relevant, if it is a question of not damaging them. Using the LKZ’s low frequency range it is easy to locate and trace pipes over long distances, while maintaining maximum precision.

Pipeline location and layout can support utility mapping and mapping. Using the LKZ system with our dual frequency probe, it is the ideal solution for locating drainage and sewer pipes, which cannot be detected using standard locating technology.


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