Reflectometer TDR-420





The TDR-420 is a handheld reflectometer designed to identify and locate faults in power and telecommunications cables. The TDR-420 allows to measure the length of the cables and determine the distance to the damage, or the impedance variation in the range of 4 m to 6000 m in conductors with metallic wire. The shortest measurement is in the range of 7 meters and the dead zone of 0.6 meters, allowing damage to be located at very close distances from the place where the connected equipment is.

The two cursors allow to determine the place of two damages simultaneously and the distance between them.

Thanks to the 3.5 “TFT color screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, the indication of the location of the damage is precise and the results easy to interpret.


In response to customer needs, the new TDR-420 model has been designed to operate in difficult environmental conditions. A unique housing with IP67 ingress protection ensures that the device is waterproof and dustproof. An added bonus is the elastomeric coating on the case that prevents the device from slipping out of your hands and provides protection if it is accidentally dropped.


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