Cable and Wire Locator LKZ-720

Cable and Wire Locator




Wire and cable detection (live or not)
Detection of cables in ceilings, walls and floors,
detection of short circuits between conductors,
cable tracing in buildings,
location of energized points and switches in buildings,
location of short circuits between conductors,
tracing of armored cables,
tracing cables in metal conduits.
Identification of fuses in the distribution boards.
Tracing of underground cables.
Tracing conductive water and heating pipes.
Non-contact detection of live cables (in the presence of voltage).

the 3D function in the receiver – detecting the direction of the current flow and the precise location of the object,
phase detection mode,
receiver operation with four transmitters at the same time to locate interruptions or distinguish cables,
a bright LED flashlight,
headphone jack on the receiver,
screen lighting for working in the dark,
transmitter battery status and transmitter to receiver settings
operation in a wide voltage range, up to 500V RMS,
measurement of voltage on the object up to 500 Vrms,
three levels of transmitter amplification,
manual or automatic selection of transmitter operating modes,
Five operating modes of the wire tracer: voltage, current, voltage-current-current, energy and clamp,
software update via USB,
additional accessories allow precise localization, such as contact or non-contact probes, and clamp measurement.


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